Sunday, September 04, 2011

It's that time...

It's that time of year, when it's time for Respect is Due to return to the airwaves and bless your ears with '90s indie goodness.

With so many shouts of "90s revival!" in indie rock this year, I think the most important thing we can do is play some real, honest-to-goodness '90s indie rock to show all the revivalist bands how it's really done. Case in point: I just listened to a crappy song by Wavves called "I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl". With its title referencing sheltered suburban 90s childhoods listening to the alternative station, I'd have hoped that they'd take a chunk out of the '90s alternative rock book, but no! instead Wavves fuses '60s girl group handclaps with stiff '80s musicianship. Stiff as in they're holding their instruments so tight because they can't play them well enough to control them.

Fortunately, the real thing is young enough that some good bands like Archers of Loaf and Sebadoh are doing reunion tours. I went to see Archers of Loaf in Chapel Hill about two weeks ago, and hopefully will be seeing Sebadoh in October here in Pittsburgh. The Archers rocked the Cats Cradle and never seemed to run out of energy, and I'm hoping that Sebadoh will do a solid performance as well.

We'll be on the air Fridays from 7-9 PM, on WRCT, 88.3 FM in Pittsburgh, and hopefully some of you will tune in locally or online.


Kat said...

Hey Aaron! It's Kat. Long time no interaction!

That's real awesome you saw Archers of Loaf in Chapel Hill. I wish I was there. I'm gonna see Superchunk tomorrow at Raleigh's Hopscotch fest =)

I thought of you when I was listening to Pavement just now. I was trying to figure out this version of "Here" that was ridiculously hard to find anywhere. I found it but it doesn't have a particular name to distinguish itself from the others. It just features louder vocals, more distortion, and the track is faster I think.

Hope you are well. Maybe we can catch up in Charlotte sometime?

Aaron Leclair said...

Was it the John Peel session version of "Here"? That's on the "Luxe and Reduxe" CD version of Slanted and Enchanted, but for all I know there could be a ton of live takes or "Live At the BBC" type takes of that song I am unaware of.

It's lucrative for the original '90s indie bands to do reunion tours, so I wouldn't be surprised if they tour again soon. Rumor has it (and to some extent this has been confirmed in the media) that Pavement reformed not for the fans, but because one of the members (Bob Nastanovich, who apparently works as a horse-racing bookie right now) lost a ton of money on a horse-racing bet and needed a quick way to regain it. The Archers are releasing a DVD of the Chapel Hill shows from August, though, which could be interesting.

I am graduating in December and will be spending a relaxing spring in Charlotte, so there will definitely be some sort of time in spring or summer to get together.

budget boy said...

Hey there,

I was looking for the Playlist for Oct 21st. Seems to be m.i.a. Trying to track down the song that was playing at 8:53.

Aaron Leclair said...

Hey, I wasn't on the air on the 21st since I wasn't in Pennsylvania... which means automation was playing. Unfortunately, that also means that we may never see what got played, since I don't think we have a long-term list of what the automation plays.