Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Knows When...

...this show will come back to the air. Essentially, if anything, this is a rant about the basketball season more than anything else. The DJ after me, Paul, who does the wonderful "Viva Le Mock" show after mine, and I both have our shows interrupted due to basketball season, and we agreed on a way to allow both of us to get on the air despite the basketball games. Unfortunately, that was based on the assumptions that basketball games would happen on certain days and not happen on others. Today there was supposed to be no basketball games, but instead the airwaves will be graced with two.

At this point, it's likely that there will be a show next week, but it's also likely you won't hear Respect is Due until Massive Music Weekend. What we do on Massive Music Weekend is split the weekend into 120 half-hour blocks, and devote each block to a specific band or artist. You'll be hearing Massive Music Weekend blocks of Pavement, Versus, Unrest, Mogwai, and a few others I can't recall, from yours truly, if my requests get approved and on the schedule.

Until then, there's tons of new music to listen to and enjoy. Tapes 'n Tapes put out a good new one, Outside, and I've heard good things about the new Deerhoof and Decemberists records (the Deerhoof one's sitting on my desk, unlistened to -- hopefully this will change soon). There's a new band from England called Yuck that actually are deserving of the Pavement comparisons they get; their record comes out next month on Fat Possum Records, truly signaling the end of that label's tenure as a blues label and rebranding it as a home for vaguely lo-fi guitar-based buzz-band indie rock.

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