Sunday, November 07, 2010


I was out last week since I had to go play Capture the Flag With Stuff, which happens at the same time as Respect is Due. The rules give a good picture of what type of "game" Capture the Flag With Stuff - or, CTFWS (say it: "ka-toff-was") - is: pure anarchy, something like eighty to a hundred people on a team with minimal semblance of organization trying to do God knows what.

As this is a game designed for computer scientists by computer scientists (protip: never was I ever a computer scientist) all the stuff has "magical" abilities. As in, you are immune to other people's attacks if you wear the blue belt, and are skipping around and holding hands with (hopefully) friends singing the lyrics to that great ditty known as Yankee Doodle. I think that gets the idea across.

If you're in Pittsburgh or at Carnegie Mellon and are thinking about CTFWS, please be a sane person and don't go.
Unless everyone else you know is going - then there's actually somewhat of a reason to brave the insanity.

Believe me, you'll thank me later.

The moral is: there will be music next week. Real music. As in, people playing real musical instruments.

On a completely irrelevant note, I actually got to listen to Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavillion yesterday. You know, the one that Pitchfork hyped until oblivion. It was, shall I say, underwhelming. They came off to me as synthpop Talking Heads wannabes who felt their songs were some ironic combination of "cute" and "precious" - they're the type of band that you like not because it's good, not because it's original, but because you were told to like it, and you knew your hipster friends would disown you otherwise. I'd listen to the Talking Heads any day instead.

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