Friday, March 26, 2010

Respect is Due

You know - I might have been convinced over the past week about something - and it's that "Respect is Due" might just be the best name for my show.

What I really like about it is that, well, it's been sitting in front of me for the four years I've had this blog. And the main idea - that it's about giving respect to the forgotten bands; not the trends of now, but the trends of ten or twenty years ago - still holds, except for we're not just giving respect to the indie guitar heroes that were just beginning to extinguish themselves as I started writing, in early 2006.

I was thinking of "Quantum Geometry" as well - but what meaning does it have? It just sounds physics-y. Sure, that may have been my point in it, but how do we connect it to the music?

Today, when I entered the studio, the record players had been tampered with; some previous DJ, probably engaged in the art and science of beat-matching electronic music, had set the turntables to play several BPM slower. As a result, much of the vinyl I played was several BPM too slow. Much of this vinyl was stuff I typically don't listen to. As I was listening to the Verlaines, I did think, "This doesn't sound as if I remember it" but dismissed it as "it's probably a different recording than I know".

Today's show involved going into the station completely unprepared; in contrast to previous shows, where I knew what I was playing (sans requests, of course), I went through the record library and picked things that I wanted to hear at the spur of the moment. Looking at the playlist with a retrospective lens, there's a great emphasis on post-punk and its derivative forms, ranging from the subtle dance beats of the XX to "jangly" Kiwi bands who distilled Joy Division and Public Image Limited into their own home-spun brand of music, stopping in the middle to meet up with good friends Gang of Four and Swell Maps.

Without further ado...

Playlist: 3-26-2010

1. Past Lives - Paralyzer [From 2010's Tapestry of Webs] (4:00)
2. Red Sparowes - A Swarm [From 2010's The Fear is Excruciating, but Therein Lies the Answer] (7:10)
3. Wolfie - On Loan to Satellite [from 1999's Where's Wolfie]? (2:23)
4. Husker Du - Books About UFOs [from 1985's New Day Rising] (2:49) -request!-
5. Thinking Fellers' Local Union 282 - Star Trek [from 1992's Mother Of All Saints] (4:00)
6. Pavement - 5/4=Unity [from 1994's Crooked Rain Crooked Rain] (2:09)
7. The Verlaines - Death and the Maiden [From 1987's Juvenilia] (4:27)
8. The XX - Intro/VCRs [from 2009's XX] (5:04)
9. The Clean - Anything Can Happen [from the LP rerelease of Compilation] (2:38)
10. Swell Maps - Harmony in Your Bathroom [from 1979's A Trip to Marineville] (5:25)
11. Belle and Sebastian - I Could Be Dreaming [from 2009's The BBC Sessions] (3:49)
12. Interpol - The New [from 2002's Turn on the Bright Lights] (6:07)
13. Gang of Four - Anthrax [from 1979's Entertainment!] (4:20) -request!-
14. Guided By Voices - The Official Ironman Rally Song [from 1996's Under the Bushes Under the Stars] (2:48)
15. Beat Happening - Foggy Eyes [from 1985's S/T] (2:46)

In short, lots of shorter songs, and more of a move away from post-rock, shoegazing, and slowcore.

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yes. that is a good title.