Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm either going to name my show "Determinism" or "Incompleteness".

In theoretical physics, and in the philosophy of physics, a deterministic system is one where, if we see the Universe as being a bunch of mathematical equations, we can plug in a few choice parameters and determine where every atom and molecule goes in the future, given their initial momenta and masses.

I like how it sounds, more than anything - I like how lots of words from mathematics and physics sound. Additionally, I want a name that reflects that my show isn't going to be diverse: it's going to have a mission, a manifesto, a plan, to explore the depths of indie rock and not the breadths of modern music.

Incompleteness refers to the philosopher-mathematician (I love hyphenated occupations, like carpenter-chef or engineer-poet, since they give the idea that one is a "Renaissance" person. I am not certain about "drummer-songwriter" yet, though) Godel's views on the foundations of mathematics. Seeing I am a mathematician, I understand very little about Godel's theories, but what I do know is there was a dude called Peano who proposed that all mathematics came out of seven axioms, or statements that are assumed to be true with no reason. However, the big mathematical debate involved whether a finite amount of axioms could cover the entirety of mathematics; Godel said no, and hence we have the term "incomplete".

My musical knowledge is incomplete. There's so much more I will never learn about - either because I don't know it exists, or I'm just disinterested. "Incompleteness" also conveys the idea that I will be digging deep -- not traversing broad.

The other possibility is that I can think of another term from math or physics that conveys what I am trying to do on the air better than those two.

Anyway, here's my playlist for today:

1. Versus - Lose that Dress [from 1996's Secret Swingers] (3:32)
2. Yo La Tengo - Flying Lessons (Hot Chicken #1) [from 1995's Electr-O-Pura] (6:41)
3. Local Natives - Camera Talk [from 2010's Gorilla Manor] (3:45)
4. Minmae - To Edit Quickfingerz [from 2003's Le Grand Essor de la Mason du Monstre] (7:19)
5. The Fall - Hip Priest [from 1981's Hex Enduction Hour] (7:47)
6. Vampire Weekend - Giving Up the Gun [from 2010's Contra] (4:46)
7. Beulah - Lay Low for the Letdown [from Handsome Western States] (3:32)
8. Beach House - Silver Soul [from 2010's Teen Dream] (4:58)
9. Close Lobsters - Just Too Bloody Stupid [from 1987's Foxheads Stalk This Land] (3:24)
10. F*cked Up - Son the Father [from 2008's The Chemistry of Common Life] (6:32)


Anonymous said...

What about, "Respect is Due" or "For all I care, you speak an obscure dialect of Latin."???

Aaron Leclair said...

I like "Respect is Due". I've been convinced.

I like that it's already there -- there's no thinking required. And it's exactly the same thing I was thinking in tenth grade.

Let's see if it changes, sleeping on it.