Thursday, June 12, 2008

Update: Mormons and the Mainstream; Bloc party and Physics meet Again!

As you may or may not know, I'm really into WZBC, Boston College's radio station. Which itself is rather ironic - Boston College is a Catholic university, yet they have excellent radio, their DJs drawing from electronic, dance, indie rock, post-rock, noise, doom metal, and art music. Most of the time you get all of these genres within one hour of listening.

So now, because of them, I just got into this band called the Retribution Gospel Choir. Which itself is also ironic - the overtly christian content of this band is the same as the overtly christian content of WZBC. It's essentially guitar-driven indie pop from the Mormon guy who leads the glacial-moving "slowcore" (who comes up with these genre names?) band Low.

So that's it. I'm trying not to fall into the abyss that is mainstream music. Someone that I know got me into the Killers and after listening to it a few times I (I will burn in hell for saying this) sort of liked it. For the fact that they are allegedly a manufactured band - no sources for this one, it's just what Somebody Told Me [do mind the skip at 0:40] - and that they border on Vegas Emo without actually being emo - their songs are quite sophisticated in their structure. And you'll get them stuck in your head... just like the suits want you to do.

The last part of this post is a continuation of a previous post about Bloc Party. It's very interesting that, just as my physics teacher played "Silent Alarm" on the first class, he decides to play "A Weekend in the City" in one of his last classes. Of course, I only got to hear a couple tracks from the record; later on, the music was switched to this rather cheesy classic rock that sounded like an imitation of itself (Stevie Ray Vaughn, I later learned)


Anonymous said...

hahaha I was actually listening to Bloc Party before I saw your page. I was going to ask if you were going to the Vans Warped Tour but this post made me think otherwise hehe.

PS On the whole strange genre name thing..there's also mathcore and nerdcore. I figure bands sometimes coin these terms themselves because they want to be "unique"


Aaron Leclair said...

Warped Tour? Good observation - no way... that's not my type of music.

I had no idea you actually listened to Bloc party. That's cool that you do. Silent Alarm took me years to get into - it wasn't till it was played in Physics that I "understood" it.

I've heard of mathcore and nerdcore. It's the same way with metal. There's death metal, doom metal, black metal, grindcore, viking metal, "love metal", etc. You may be true... but then the question is why do the indie snobs that are journalists & bloggers use the terms?