Saturday, May 03, 2008


Respect is Due now has a Muxtape...

Which means, in simple English, that I can create a rather accessible mix of music and post it accessibly on the Interwebs.

Sounds very great as a concept, but when you actually get to creating your page and uploading your music, there's lots of hurdles to jump. No more than 12 tracks, no more than 10 megabytes per file, MP3 only.

But it's still music nonetheless... What's on there now is the bastard child of a mix I made earlier in the year. The concept of the mix was songs that I listened to independently of the album they came from. Songs where I would never listen to anything from the rest of the record anymore but this one song. Or two songs... or three... or some integer value on the open set of integers.

The conclusion to the post on conformist sheep and indie rock will come, but who knows when.

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