Monday, April 14, 2008

Who knows?

I mentioned an Allman Brothers related post last time around. It's certainly a good idea, seeing there is that rather strong parallel between Malkmus and jam bands; it would serve as a great segue. But that post is nowhere near conception. Chinese Democracy will be out before...

...wait, Chinese Democracy is apparently close to being released - or so they say...

...Duke Nukem Forever will be out before Respect is Due covers the Allman Brothers and the Southern Jam Band Complex. Which would be a shame - the music tastes here in the South are, er... fascinating and would make for some great analysis.

I just got a ton of new music. 'tis unfortunate, though, that the bulk of it is mainstream music. Yes, it's some of the better mainstream music, but it's mainstream music nonetheless.

Black Sabbath, though, really surprised me. Paranoid (the record, not the song) sounds a lot like Gaffney's contributions to Sebadoh (sepecially those on III) if they only were mellower and trippier instead of focusing on the juxtapositions Gaffney emphasized between country twang and Satanic death growl (one review I read compared it to GWAR - how true!)

I'm currently listening to a stream of the new Tapes 'n' Tapes record - after Pitchfork butchered it with their 5.9 rating, I really need to see whether producer Dave Fridmann really messed it up as Pitchfork claims. So far I think the production work's decent, if not a little bland and generic. I have no idea how much longer it'll be up, so were I you, I'd listen to it now.

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