Sunday, December 17, 2006

Symphonic Grime with Drum Corps

Pitchfork just put out a MP3 of a song from Deerhoof's soon-to-be new record, Friend Opportunity.

I remember a few months back, the band was describing the record as "symphonic grime with drum corps". And hearing the first few seconds of this song - which not only had drum rolls which Pitchfork described as "threatening to get John Philips Sousa on us" but also had a very bright-sounding... horn section. Yes, deerhoof using a horn section.

Other than that, the song sounded typically Deerhoof, although the production was far cleaner than on The Runners Four. Everything sounded amazingly crisp and sharp - everything attacked me.

But I know Deerhoof as a lo-fi band, and thus I know them for... uh... their lo-finess. I am uncertain as to whether this is a positive or a negative sign for my beloved Deerhoof.

But at least I can understand the "symphonic" part and the "drum corps" part. The "grime" part of that statement, though, we have left to decipher. I don't hear any rapping in this new song.

Well, it's something actually which I can look forward to.
Or, for the gramatically obsessed, something to which I can look forward.
There's a good Winston Churchill quote that shows the absurdity of that preposition "rule"...



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