Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If you have not yet,

Go out and buy the already month-old rerelease of Spoon's Telephono (And prepare to laugh).

It's amazing to think that such a great band began as a minimalist Pixies knock-off. The record is sequenced such that it begins with its most Pixies-like song and then delves into more experimental territory that Frank Black would never even think of. I don't think Frank Black would do a song in 5/4, ever. Ever.

Black's been making country records for a while now, I believe. During the drive to North Carolina, there was an interview with a songwriter popular in the '60s (whose name I forget) on PBS, where he was promoting a new record he made. Pretty typical alt.country stuff, I remember. But he had managed to gt some of "Nashville's best session musicians," including - guess who - Frank Black.

I don't think that Britt Daniels would make a country record. That's probably the tradeoff; never see a Frank Black song in 5/4, never see Spoon do a country song.

Anyway... the first song on the record is so much like the pixies that I couldn't help but laugh at the blatant musical history references. Quiet verse, loud chorus. The female backup singer sort of reminds me of Kim Deal, even.

...off to real life again - things have just got interesting over there.

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