Friday, September 29, 2006

I just got The Loon by Tapes n Tapes, but of course I have not listened to it.

That means I have four CDs sitting there, unlistened.

Sort of off topic, but what's the chance I'm going to find people in real life who listen to the type of stuff I listen to? I know, I should do what I want, not what they want, so on, so on, so on.

If my goal in life was to meet people, then I'd probably listen to that "Southern Rap" crap that every radio station down here plays. You know, We in da club, we smokin' weed, I got more girls than the emperor of China, I got more girls than are in the Carolinas... so on, so on. Not because I like it, but because it was a social necessity.

Are the people who actually listen to Southern rap driven to do it by social necessity, or do they actually like it? Even with my bias against all rap music, this Southern rap stuff is an atrocity upon the face of music. Simple enough. Life is not a party. Life is not a party. The drugs don't flow like water and the women don't come easy...

Another thing I can't stand about the genre is the rapper's inability to follow the most simplistic laws of grammar - to form complete sentences and conjugate the most simplistic verbs.

An example: We in da club. This sentence is NOT complete; it is missing the verb are.

But I probably shouldn't judge the music on that technicality; even Brit Daniels of Spoon misconjugates verbs. For example, in "Was it You?" he opens with: We was walking through the park.

Anyway... what was my point in writing this?

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