Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Listening...

When I originally created this blog I made a promise that my personal life would not ever get tangled with my musical musings, but I must break it. I just got out of school Tuesday - thus, no more having to put up with the snobby attitudes of others (can you see the glaring irony? can you? can you?). Also, it means the start of the summer listening season. Over the past two years I have been trying to figure out whether my music listening habits are different in the summer than during the school year. So far, I know there is a severe difference, but I couldn't explain it. So that's out.

First of all, a list of the stuff I have already acquired that I have not yet listened to:

1. Wire - 154 (still, not yet! One would think I would be excited to hear this the day I bought it!)
2. Sonna - We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight
3. Silver Jews - Tanglewood Numbers
4. Brian Eno - Before and After Science

Add to that what I went out and bought on Monday:

5. Deerhoof - Milk Man
6. Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped

Add to that some new releases (or rereleases) I am awaiting the purchase of:

7. Built to Spill - You in Reverse
8. Loose Fur - Born Again in the USA
9. Sufjan Stevens - [whatever he decided to call his second disc about Illinois...]
10. Spoon - Telephono/Soft Effects
11. Thom Yorke - The Eraser

And, to save myself from an overload from listing too many records in too little time, I will stop there.

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