Friday, April 28, 2006

Robert Pollard

Has became a cliche of himself. Upon finally listening to From a Compound Eye, I find that his songs - although great songs that are very satisfying - all have the same exact elements. If anyone actually reads this and wishes to pound me on the head for taking as long as I did to get this, go ahead. It's just that I was expecting a change from the ordinary with this new post-GBV solo work, but it's more Universal Truths and Cycles style music.

We could analyze all of the cliches (the overall sound of the Acoustic songs; the snare on 1, the upbeat of 2, and 4; the chord progression train to nowhere...) but I am not interested in that.

What's interesting is that in the liner notes, Pollard is credited with "Guitars, vocals, Dobro, steel whistle". Strange, I thought Pollard did not play an instrument? Or could this be a sort of conspiracy?

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Oberon said...

.....respect is earned.