Tuesday, March 21, 2006

testing, 1, 2, 3, can thou this see?

This blog rose out of a conversation about whether Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) deserves the label mainstream or not. For the record, I said yes, they are mainstream and my friend said she’s no more mainstream than BlocParty.

Now, we're on a debate about whether the Arctic Monkeys (in keeping with the Holier than Thou attitude of true music snobs, I am boldfacing the artists which I namedrop) are manufactured or not. Honestly, they can only be manufactured or in some other way designed to be commercially viable. Look, their record was considered The 5th best British record of all time by NME, even though it was only released a month or so ago. Doesn't that sound even just a bit fishy?

As for the name respect is due, it's simply put that respect is due to the good music of the world, whether those bands have it or not. It's also a great song by the Dismemberment Plan from their second record.

Pretty much expect a typical music blog. A bit of music, a bit of ranting on whatever I am feeling like ranting about.


bird&bee said...

You claim to agree with my assessment of Jenny Lewis/Bloc Party - but do you really?

Aaron Leclair said...

You bring up a point when you say she's as mainstream as Bloc Party. Bloc Party is Mainstream. Jenny Lewis is Mainstream. simple enough, right?