Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ending your Arctic Monkeys Obsession, part 1

I had a clever alliterative title for this post last night but I forgot it, so I have a more straightforward version. Because - simply put - the Arctic Monkeys are overrated and overhyped, I thought I'd share my thoughts on British music from the Beatles to Bloc Party. And hopefully, give you - whoever you are, and whyever you have ventured to this virgin-soil filled corner of the internet - some ideas to extinguish the Arctic Monkeys mania.

Actually, I have something to confess to you. I have not heard even one note of the Arctic Monkeys' music. For all I know, it could be a respectable pop record. It's probably far better than Kelly Clarkson or Gwen Stefani or Ciara or anything in the top 40. It's just that I am skeptical that a band that just put out a record in JANUARY, for Christ's sake, has already gained this much hype. One of the things I respect about Modest Mouse - although, if you were to ask me, I would say their music has gone downhill with Good News - is that their success is fairly-earned. Simply put, they WORKED for their success.

And now... [drum roll] a short history of good British bands that respect is due to:

  1. Wire. I've overlooked Pink Flag, which has been sitting on my CD rack for a year unlistened. I have no idea why. Wire is considered late punk/early new wave - they had a synth player, if I recall. Pink Flag is fast-paced, uptempo, hook-a-minute stuff. I have NO IDEA why the early Wire records appear to be out of print - I was looking for Chairs Missing on Amazon and it only comes up with the used records section.
  2. The Fall. There's nothing I can say here. Simply listen to this band. Take this advice: wouldn't you rather want to hear the music yourself than hear some semi-educated lunatic rant mindlessly about it?

I'm trying not to include overtly mainstream stuff like Radiohead and Bloc Party and The Clash, so it looks like we end here.

Part 2 will be the obligatory, "You've discussed the music, now where IS the music?" part. Maybe. Maybe not. We will see.

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